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VC's Green Program

Tips for Greening Your Event
  • Keep it simple and use your local resources.

    Tie a clear recycling bag to the handle of your garbage cans. This will stop people from throwing garbage into an open recycling container either by accident or ignorance, while providing an obvious place for conscientious people to put their cans and bottles. You�ll probably get a bag worth of recycling per team attending the event� have every player on the hosting team take one home and you�re done!

  • Make sure that there is water available at every field.

    If players have easy access to water, they won�t bring as many of their own smaller water bottles to the event.

  • Water bottles - the Green players pack item.

    Invest $2-5 from your player fee income in a reusable water bottle. Brand it with your event�s logo and it also serves as an appreciated keepsake and a powerful branding tool.